The Ultimate Just Add Water Survival Kit for College Students!

Who doesn’t love checking their mail and finding unexpected surprises? And I’m not talking about bills or junk mail, but rather a letter or package from someone you know. It’s a simple joy that brightens any day. If you know any college students, a Just Add Water Care Package is a great gift to brighten their day! I appreciate it so much when I receive a card or a package in the mail, especially when I was away from home in college. When you receive mail, you know that someone was thinking about you and took the time to create and send something just for you. 

I have a brother and sister who are currently going to college in Utah. We hear lots of stories of them being “poor college students” who can’t afford food or find the time to make food. I thought it would be fun to let them know we are thinking of them by sending a package filled with quick and easy-to-make foods. I’ve seen the idea of a “Just Add Water” care package before, where you include simple packaged foods that typically only require water and a microwave. 

List of Items

Here is the list of items included in their Just Add Water Care Package:

  • Kodiak Flapjacks
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese
  • Rice A Roni
  • Prime
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal
  • Starkist Tuna
  • Crystal Light
  • Betty Crocker Mug Cake
  • Idahoan Mashed Potatoes

Each item was chosen to provide them with convenient and tasty choices that require minimal effort.

Package Assembly

To give the package a personal touch, I used a free Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box from the Post Office. After designing a label on Canva with the theme “Just Add Water” and a sink faucet graphic from Canva’s graphic library, I printed it on blue construction paper. The design adorned two flaps, with the remaining two flaps covered in plain blue construction paper. The great thing about this size box from the Post Office is that a normal sheet of paper fits almost perfectly along the length of the flap. Width-wise, I glued the excess down inside the box. The paper didn’t reach down to the bottom of the box, but that is okay because the sides are covered by the items inside the package. After gluing, I placed the items in the box and topped it off with blue crinkle paper shreds to mimic the appearance of water. Once it was assembled, it was taken to the Post Office!

I know my siblings were excited to get a package in the mail, especially one with food! Here is the text I received from my sister.


This Just Add Water Care Package was a simple yet impactful way to let them know they’re missed. And the best part? It didn’t demand much effort – just a quick trip to the grocery store resulted in a surprise that made their day.

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