Christmas Gift Treasure Chest for Grandchildren: They Are a Treasure

Money-Themed Christmas Gift

My grandma is one of my inspirations for gift giving. As long as I can remember, she has put so much thought into holiday gifts for her grandchildren, especially for Christmas. One year, she froze dollar bills and coins inside of clear, reusable water bottles, and all her grandkids received COLD, HARD CASH for Christmas. Of course, instead of waiting patiently for the ice to melt, we all stood at her sink running our bottles under hot water! 

Treasure Chest Gift Idea

Similar to the COLD, HARD CASH gift, my grandma put together another money-themed gift for her grandchildren last year – a Christmas gift treasure chest. Inside our treasure chests, we found dollar bills, confetti, chocolate gold coins, Hershey Kisses, and Almond Hershey Kisses (they are wrapped in gold-colored foil). This is a fun, playful gift that anyone can recreate and customize for their children, grandchildren, friends, and more!

Ways to Personalize Your Treasure Chest

The unique thing about this gift is how easy it is to personalize for each individual!

Find a Unique Design

My grandma searched many different stores to find a treasure box for each grandchild. This means that we all received a unique box. Some were bigger than others, and some looked more like a traditional treasure chest, while others had colorful designs on the outside. As you can see from my photos, my treasure chest featured a design of flowers and handwritten letters. You can search for treasure boxes on Amazon, Hobby Lobby or Michaels (paint your own!), Target, and even Homegoods.

Personalized Letter

To accompany the treasure chest, my grandpa wrote a letter to his grandchildren and rolled it up to look like a treasure map. It was a letter explaining the meaning behind this gift and how their grandchildren are their treasures. Here is a snippet:

“The word treasure is not only a noun, it is also a verb. As a noun, treasure can mean wealth such as money, jewels, precious metals, anything of great worth or value. It can also be a collection of rare or precious things. Or, better yet, it can be a person esteemed to be rare or precious. Having said this, we unequivocally and proudly declare you to be our greatest treasure.” 

This adds such a personal touch to the gift! You could write a personal letter to whoever is receiving this gift listing out the reasons why they are a treasure to you. You could even draw a treasure map or personalize it however you want!

Add Candy

Last, but not least, you can personalize this gift by choosing candy or other fillers that you know your children/grandchildren will love. My grandma gave us chocolate gold coins and Hershey Kisses. Some other gold and silver items you can include are Hershey’s Nuggets, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, sticks of gum, York Peppermint Patties, Twix, etc. You don’t need to stick with just gold and silver, either. Do they like Skittles, Starbursts, or sour candies? Throw some in to add pops of color! There are many options of little items you can add that will help personalize this gift even more for your recipient.

A Christmas gift treasure chest is a fun gift for children and grandchildren that you can customize in many different ways. It is also a great gift for birthdays and other holidays as well. I hope you have some fun telling those treasured people in your life how much they mean to you!

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